 ARM SWING: Your wrists should break at your hip on the way down and chest height on the way up
 ELBOWS: Swing your arms naturally, so that your elbows almost brush the sides of your torso. No chicken wings!
 SYMMETRY: Have a friend watch you run and make sure both arms are swinging the same amount, and parallel to your body. Some runners will swing one or both arms across their chest – over many miles, this may cause your body to compensate and add stress to the opposite hip, knee, or foot.
 LOOSEN UP: Keep your neck loose and shoulders down (not up by your ears). Think “jelly fingers” rather than running with fists (pretend you’re holding an egg in each hand).
 GRAVITY: Take advantage of gravity by leaning slightly forward at the hips- like a baby taking first steps, you’ll naturally start to move forward!
 HOT COALS: Keep your steps short and light with a fast turn-over, as if you were running across hot coals.

UPHILL: Shorten your stride and keep the same effort level you had on the flat part of your run.
Instead of thinking “Oh no, a hill!” pump your arms and shift your focus to your arms, thinking “up and over”. Try to keep this steady, slightly slower pace all the way past the crest of the hill.

DOWNHILL: Lengthen your stride and run down the hill. Stay in control, but try not to put the brakes on or your hamstrings will become overloaded and your knees may feel the extra stress.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.50.12 PM

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