 Starting Line: Position yourself in the proper pace group area. Large races will have pace times posted. Otherwise use a 9 min/mile pace as an average for the crowd and line up in the front half of the crowd if you plan to run faster or back half if you plan to run slower.

 Negative Splits: Run the first half of the race SLOWER than the second half. This proven race strategy will help you finish stronger and ultimately faster than if you start out too quickly and fade.

 Run the tangents: Who new geometry would be so useful? Draw an imaginary tangent line from point to point throughout the course to make the distance around each turn the shortest possible path. (That’s how the course is measured!)

 Courtesy:
– Remember to thank the course volunteers while you race (traffic control, water stop, cheering spectators) – a nod, wave, or smile work if you can’t talk!
– If you want to slow down or walk, move to the far side of the road.
– Throw used water cups off to the side, or sometimes you can “make a basket” into the trash can!

Choose a comfortable distance to run, and follow that with a short walking break. Repeat these run/walk intervals throughout the race. (Example: run 1 mile, walk 1 minute) This allows your body to run without accumulating lactate (associated with muscle fatigue) so you can finish strong!

1. Sip early and often.
2. Go to the very end of the water stop to avoid gridlock.
3. Point at or make eye contact with water volunteer.
4. Walk while you drink, or jog and pinch your cup closed to reduce choking and spilling.
5. Run down center if you don’t want a drink.

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