You’ve trained hard for your marathon and race weekend is almost here! If you’ve registered for a race, then you will need to pick up your race packet at the race organizer’s expo on the day(s) stated. For smaller race organizations, race packet pick-up might be at a local sports store.

There is typically NO packet pick-up on race day – with some exceptions.

Carpooling to pick up your packet is usually a good idea if you know others racing with you. Pick-up locations are busy and may not be conveniently located to you as they tend to be near the race course. Most organizers ask participants to pick up their own packets in person with proper photo identification.

You’ll find the following items in your race packet:
• Race Bib
• Timing Chip
• Race Shirt

Most sizable races organize a free expo where, in addition to picking up your race packet, you will be able to find vendors selling shoes, apparel, nutritional supplements, active gear and health care products. This might be helpful if you need any last minute items for race day. Although these expos tend to be crowded, they can be a fun opportunity to try product samples and pick up some promotional items. The expos will usually have organizers promoting upcoming races and will often offer a discount if you register that day. This is a great opportunity for you to plan ahead for your next running goal!

– Pick up race packet – bring photo ID.
– Stay off your feet as much as possible.
– Eat/Drink right – see Bulletins 2 & 3.
– Confirm transportation to and from race.
– Make celebration plans!
– Layout everything you’ll wear & your bib number, including safety pins.
– Set alarm and go to bed early.

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