GOAL: Maximize your glycogen stores for the starting line.
 Nutrition: Shift your food choices so that the bulk of your calories are carbohydrates. (Same number of calories, but low protein, low fat.)
 Volume: Reduce your overall training mileage by 30-50%.
 Intensity: If you’re currently doing speed work, it is OK to keep your intensity high, as long as you keep the distance low (1-3 miles max).
 Weight training: Take a break from weight training, plyometrics, or any other muscle building workout.

 Relax and put your feet up!
 Stay hydrated throughout the week before your race but don’t over-hydrate.
 Too nervous to sleep? Getting a good night sleep the few days before is more important than on the night of the race.
 Visualize your success: Picture yourself triumphantly crossing the finish line and receiving your finisher’s medal!

 Rule of thumb: take one day off from heavy training (speed work, weights, and long runs) for each mile you race.
 However, active recovery will often speed your muscle recovery: jog, walk, bike or swim! Ease back into your regular workout routine.
 You may feel a bit down once the race excitement has passed and you’ve reached your goal. The best cure: Sign up for your next challenge!

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